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Through MUSIC Immersion Trips, we discover that our own societal values and norms are just a tiny glimpse of the huge diversity that exists, and the way humans choose to live their lives contrasts dramatically across the globe. The benefits of taking the plunge and stepping into a new community are far reaching, from the opportunity to learn new languages and taste new foods, to uncovering the key ingredients to happiness and well-being. International Engagement also helps put your own life in perspective and creates more compassionate individuals, something that is essential in the world we live in today.

Without a doubt, traveling to new countries and immersing yourself in other cultures helps shape a more rounded understanding of humanity, as well as breaking down stereotypes. For example, NGO television adverts often depict Africa as a land of poverty and malnutrition, but when you venture there yourself, you’ll probably discover a more complex scene. You’ll see first hand that it is a continent of immense diversity in terms of lifestyles, religions and cultures within its more than 50 different countries.





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As you break down preconceived barriers about other cultures and people, you suddenly become a global citizen; chances are you’ll feel an increased desire for all the world to live in peace and with access to the necessary ingredients for a good life.


If you are not able to travel yourself, maybe you can sponsor a youth or someone else that can take advantage of this unique opportunity to make a lasting impacting not only his/her personal life but the impact can have such an impression that results in positive change within the community.

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