MUSIC has a vision of a peaceful world where all individuals are entitled to full and equal access to their human rights, where no one is left behind, where priority is given to people in greatest need and where the entire society, in particular creatives and entrepreneurs, unite to support one another.


M.U.S.I.C. is a "for purpose" organization that unites the skills and creative expertise of its members to create real social and global change through inspiration and mobilization. By connecting individuals with opportunity, this creates the ideal setting for development, advancement and progress. We are considered by many as their platform of choice to share their stories, ideas and talents to transform our world. We believe that our life experiences our filled with various dynamics. When we collaborate with others, our "unique-ness" can create a song of hope.  

The mission of MUSIC is to  EngageEducate and Empower  through programs/projects that actively promote and protect human rights and peace through advocacy, capacity building, awareness raising. By supporting its members in carrying out activities and projects it is the primary to  contribute to creating a fair and peaceful world. 

We pursue transformation one life at a time—no matter who they are, where they live, or what their economic status might be.  We do this by increasing information, access, and opportunity.

Specifically, we:

  • Serve as a trusted source of information and research-based solutions.

  • Support professionals and mentors to have a positive impact on the lives.

  • Meet people where they are with the accurate, non-judgmental information they need to make informed decisions for productive living.

  • Work with policymakers, leaders, and advocates to advance policies that guarantee equitable access to educational, financial and health information.

  • Work with the media and key influencers to reflect and affirm the benefits and achievements.

  • Serve as conveners and catalysts, creating likely and unlikely partnerships and offering a place for everyone at the table.


Imagine. Your personal experiences are like notes on the pages of sheet music. When the notes are carefully assembled in harmony with others, a melody is created. The melody begins to take shape, provoking emotion. But without direction, the melody of the creative composition can easily turn from motivation to frustration.

It is our goal not to only inspire but to offer practical solutions for sustainable transformation. We seek solutions using the Collective Impact model to help men and women discover their potential while getting closer to where they want to be. 


  • Education: examining economic, historic, and socio-political issues that affect people and the environment globally.

  • Service: recognizing the importance of meeting the immediate needs of people and the environment through service.

  • Social Justice: engaging in social justice and social action efforts with the goal of eliminating injustice for all.

  • Community: building sustainable relationships with people, communities, institutions, and the environment.

  • Spirituality: exploring the role of faith and spirituality in service and social action.


 We are also a learning, blended community where all ages can assemble to engage in intellectual discourse on a wide range of topics where individuals embraces complexities and diversity.  The emphasis is to move from a position of being afraid of differences to tolerating differences to furthermore, appreciating the benefits of differences. 





Connecting People with Opportunity

We believe the universal language of music is a concept, a model and a practical expression of humanity made available to all. We believe this manifests in and through all creation. Music in its most abstract nature is within all and can be experienced to the degree that we become aware of it and choose to intentionally participate in its vibrations with each other.   We also believe that the universe represents the farthest reaches, regions and rhythms of consciousness. And music connects all of universe.


Your personal experiences are like notes on the pages of sheet music. When the notes are carefully assembled in collaboration with others, a melody is created. There is a message in all music. We choose to create a melody of hope, strength and motivation.